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Bus & Coach Prestolite is a specialist supplier to the demanding needs of the public transport and luxury touring industry, supplying OEM’s in Europe and USA and 85% market share in China, driven by continual development to not just equal, but exceed our competitor offering.
Truck As an OE, OES and Aftermarket manufacturer and distributor we offer a vast range of HGV (truck) starter motors and alternators to ensure fleet productivity. Setting the benchmark with our market leading gear-reduced starter motors and compact alternator range for modern engine requirements.
Marine From pleasure cruisers to lifeboats, we have an extensive range of rotating electrics to suit your marine needs. Fully marinised to withstand the worst that the marine enviroment can throw at it.
Agricultural OE and OES supplier to the worlds largest agricultural manufacturers, and we have a vast Aftermarket range to ensure equipment operation when you need it.
Refrigeration Specialist supplier to Thermoking and Carrier with our trademark batteryless systems, and an aftermarket range to power your refrigeration and aircon systems.
Industrial An extensive range of products for gensets, mining, construction and off-highway equipment, designed with the hard working and dusty environment in mind.
Light Commercial An expanding range of product for your light commercial fleet, the perfect accompliment to our heavy duty range.
Rail Prestolite have a selection of specialist and unique products for the rail industry. These high performance starter motors and alternators are relied upon to ensure the trains run on time.
Military Ensure that your frontline and support vehicles are always ready with genuine, brand new (not reconditioned) Prestolite products.

Prestolite Electric Ltd UK – Europe (PEL)

Unit 48, The Metropolitan Park
12-16 Bristol Road

Phone: +44 (0) 20 8231 1000
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8575 9575


+44 (0) 20 8231 1000

Prestolite Electric Ltd Beijing (PEBL)

Songzhuang Tongzhou District Beijing

Tel: 010-69596333
Fax: 010-80856297

Prestolite Electric International – North America (PEI)

Manufacturing, OE Sales
400 Main Street
Arcade, NY, USA 14009

Phone: (585) 492-1700
Fax: (585) 492-1660

Distribution, Aftermarket Sales
7585 Empire Drive
Florence, Kentucky, USA, 41042

Phone: (859) 525-8801
Fax: (859) 525-8814

Global Headquarters

30120 Hudson Drive
Novi, MI, USA 48377

Phone: 1-866-463-7078
Fax: (248) 863-2341

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